About CFB


Established in July 2013, we became the first CrossFit box in the Blaine area.  As a Veteran-owned company, we pride ourselves on how we coach and educate our members. We believe in the integrity of movement, the safety of our members, and a steady progress that develops not just athleticism, but a high quality of life.

We teach fitness classes based on functional exercise, athletic conditioning, plyometrics, kettle bell training, Olympic weightlifting, medicine ball and dumbbell training, gymnastics, rowing, running and jumping rope like many CrossFit gyms across the country.

Our CrossFit Community

  • We are a growing body of members who strive to be healthy, strong, and vital.
  • We are committed to life within the context of health and fitness.
  • We are a down-to-earth community that does extraordinary things in and out of the gym.
  • We believe that fitness is a state of mind, and a way of life.



Being physically fit is inspiring, feels good, and enriches your life. It adds both years to your life, and life to your years! People who are fit seem to have a clearer, more optimistic view of life.

Our Facility

We are conveniently located a short distance off Highway 65 in Blaine.  Our facility includes changing rooms, bathrooms, and a member lounge. Equipment includes racks, Olympic barbells (45#, 35#, training), GHDs, exercise balls, Concept2 rowers, climbing ropes, rings and more.

Monday – Friday, 5am to 7:30pm
Saturday, 8am to 11am
Closed Sundays

Products typically available for sale at our location include: