CrossFit Fundamentals Training Program

New to CrossFit?

Has it been a while since you set foot in a gym that provides constructive and intense workouts in a group setting?

In 6 classes you will learn all of the fundamental movements needed to safely and effectively perform CrossFit workouts. Our Fundamentals class is designed to go over each movement in a slower and more detail oriented pace than a normal CrossFit class. This allows for more instructional time and personal attention by coaches in the critical initial learning period.

In each class, you will warm up, learn new movements, do a full CrossFit workout, and usually have a short educational segment while you are stretching and cooling down.

Regardless of your current fitness ability and understanding, expect to learn.  Expect to have a tough, but short work out that might give you a little reality check on your fitness level.

The Program puts new members together and provides personalized coaching to guide you through the basics and set you up for the real deal. You will be introduced to the rules of our box and how things operate. You will also get an idea of the social atmosphere that is developed at our box and how you can fit into it. Since CrossFit classes are run in a community setting, these fundamentals will ensure you feel comfortable and a genuine part of our community.  They will set you up for greater success as we take you through a one-of-a-kind fitness experience.

What are you waiting for?  Call today and begin your CrossFit journey.