Start New in 2019

So many programs offer cheaper and easier way to “drop the pounds.” However, most of these program are only good for 6-8 weeks. They draw you in with a low price, guarantee change in 6 weeks, and try to convince you that you are making a life-long commitment to change. This is where I say B.S.!!!

Most programs only give you what you need to shed a few pounds over the course of about 2 months. However, as we have seen through the years, over 90% of the people that start these programs fail to keep up the motivation after the program ends. This is where CrossFit is far superior than most fitness programs. We see CrossFit as a life-style change, not a 6 week fix. There is nothing you can’t do in a CrossFit box, you just need to motivation to step in the door and try out a workout.

We can scale anything to fit your fitness level. So, don’t be afraid!! We will not set you up for short-term or long-term failure. CrossFit is a mindset. Its an conscious effort to become more  physically fit and healthy. To move better, more efficiently, and get more out of every workout. Stop spending 2 hours in a gym trying to figure out what you are going to do or how to do it. We will show you how to turn a 60 minute session into the only exercise you will need each day.

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